Lingu Bergen

Lingu Bergen is located in the city center, near the famous Bryggen in Bergen.

Lingu Bergen

Address: Domkirkegaten 3, 5017 Bergen, Norge

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Our Customer service staff are always delighted to help with inquiries about our courses.
Please contact us by:
- phone: +47 40 3000 40
- email: post@lingu.no
- chat: click the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner

If you want to visit our local language centre in Bergen please know that our staff is most often busy teaching. Therefore we kindly ask you to book a meeting with us before you drop by, so that we will be able to give you the proper service you deserve.

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Featured courses

AMO Dataopplæring med jobbsøk

Datakurset gir grunnleggende ferdigheter i IKT og databehandling.

AMO Salg og service

Kurset gir opplæring i salg, service og kundebehandling

Yrkesnorsk A2

Dette kurset gir deg opplæring i norsk på A2/B1-nivå samtidig som du får trening i arbeidsmarked, og praksis på en arbeidsplass.

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